For Organisations

Business Coaching 

The program covers the following major aspects for running a successful business

*Business assessment

*Product & services strategy 

*Market Analysis

*Competition analysis

*Market strategy

*Financial planning 

Leadership Training

Our leadership program helps to strengthens orgnaisations leadership buliding 

*knowing your "first principles"

*understanding leadership style

*Stages of leadership growth

*working with teams

*right people for the right job

*Solving problems

*setting up team communications

*team "play" work

*team well-being for success

Team Training

Team building and motivation are one of the most critical aspects for a successful organisation. Through our workshops and trainings we inculcate team building and discuss ways to keep a team motivated for successful work

Sales Training

These 5 key principles will help to achieve your success in Sales. The program explains these principles in detail and easy to follow steps to incorporate them in your daily work.

The 5 principles are presented through a 3 days workshop which covers about 25 practice sessions to present a real-life approach.